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Time For An Indian Take Away?

With India’s share of the world population now standing at a staggering 17.74% (1.354 Billion) , it’s hot on the heels of overtaking the most populated country in the world China, 1.415 Billion (18.54%). In recent weeks the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has re-affirmed that India will be the fastest-growing major economy in 2018 with 7.4%. By contrast, China’s growth is seen slowing to 6.5%.

Some have described India as a sanctuary in the emerging market mayhem. While many emerging-market central banks have sacrificed their growth to protect their currencies, India has enjoyed relative protection from the external shocks. The South Asian nation also provides a better risk-reward compared to other more globally linked emerging markets such as China.

To back up these views, look at the panel below from the funds in our AWM portfolios you can see China and Indian funds are number 2 and 3 respectively in terms of growth over the last year.

In 2008 India was quicker than most to rebound from the global financial crisis, handing investors 70% greater returns than the rest of the developing world. With such an excellent history, it is no wonder investors are flocking to this South Asian country. If you need any more convincing that India is the place to be, keep reading.

One of the main reasons behind their success is the fact that they are currently in a tech start-up boom, attracting over $20 billion in the past three years. Their start-up eco-system is now the world’s third largest and is maturing swiftly.

China’s economic expansion rate has stayed stagnant at 6.8% for the last few quarters, India’s, on the other hand, grew from 5.6% to 7.0% from July 2017 to January 2018 and is still on the rise. With India’s economy still in an early growth stage, there is still plenty of excess resources and opportunity for growth. Other economies, such as China’s, are in an advanced stage and operating close to full capacity.

The outlook on investment opportunities in India remains positive, with the median age still only 27 and the growing middle classes having more spending power. Investment wise India looks very promising.

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