Asset Management

Markets go up and markets go down. The secret to long-term financial success is having a solid investment strategy, and sticking to it.

Our Approach

By bringing the investment process in-house you will benefit from having a decision maker who is closer to you and understands your circumstances better than any third party. This also takes out any unnecessary additional costs to you.

You can be confident that Ascot Wealth Management will take responsibility for the decisions made, and you can trust that the same high level of due diligence is applied across all services.

After in-depth risk profiling, you will receive clear and informed explanations of your options in line with your appetite to risk and your financial goals.

Our Portfolio

Once we have a good idea of your level of risk, you now have 2 different options to choose from when it comes to investing your money into our managed portfolios. you have a choice of Discretionary Fund Managed portfolios and Advisory Model portfolios. Below we have given you a background on both the different options as well as highlighted their key differences. We encourage you to speak with an AWM representative should you wish to have a more detailed explanation of the two portfolio options.

Discretionary Fund Managed Porfolios

With 10 years running advisory portfolios at Ascot Wealth Management and a proven track record of strong returns, took the decision to implement a dedicated discretionary fund management service called Cape Berkshire Asset Management to deliver increased efficiency and cost effectiveness for our client base.

Cape Berkshire runs 5 risk-adjusted, multi-asset portfolios, on a discretionary basis for clients. The discretionary nature of these portfolios allows us to generate alpha based on swift implementation of both strategic and tactical asset allocation decisions. It also allows us to save our clients money by investing in passively, rather than actively managed funds, thereby removing the need to pay an external party for asset allocation.

Advisory Model Portfolios

The advisory portfolios have a proven track record of strong returns.

In most instances, your money will be invested in a selection of funds that, grouped together as a portfolio for diversification, forms one of our portfolios. These range from AWM 1, our lowest risk portfolio invested in cash, bonds and absolute return funds primarily to protect returns and collect steady income and dividends to AWM 5, our highest risk grouping focusing mainly on equities from UK to the US to some of the Emerging and frontier markets.

You can have confidence that the portfolio we place a portion of your estate in will be focused on achieving the objectives in the medium to long term set out to you by your dedicated adviser.

Discretionary vs Advisory

"Passionate About Performance"

"Realistic About Risk and Returns"

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Alternative Investment Strategies

Uncertain times can lead to needing access to alternative investment options of which there are a few to choose from. It is important to note that these investments are not suitable for everyone and we strongly recommend speaking to a financial expert before committing to investments such as the ones outlined below.

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Our Investment Professionals

The investment team is led by Mark Insley, Sam Hallet and Shingirai, all of whom have been dedicated to AWM for well over 5 years. The trio is made up of a head of investments (Mark) an investment analyst (Shingirai) and an alternative investment specialist (Sam). With their various talents combined, they monitor the markets and trends, making changes where necessary, to provide healthy risk adjusted returns for our clients. .

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