Corporate Planning

Maximising corporate cash, tax planning and offering company pension guidance all fall under our corporate planning arm.

What is Corporate Planning

Corporate Financial Planning is the process of determining a company’s financial needs or business goals for the future and figuring out a financial plan to achieve them.

You know the direction of your business and where you want to get to. Building financial plans into this helps to make the most of your unique situation. We work with business owners every day to help them achieve this.

Businesses are increasingly affected by tax, legislative and regulatory developments throughout the world. Understanding the impact of these developments on business operations and transactions between countries is vital for a company’s success.

Whether it’s getting your hard-earned money out of the company in the most tax-efficient way, succession planning, pensions plans for your employees or protecting your family and employees from the unexpected, we find that usually the sooner you plan, the better your options are.

Our Approach

1. Establish a Relationship

Our financial advisors inform the client about the financial planning process, define the services offered and disclose their qualifications and experience. This relationship is based on honesty, integrity and reputation.

2. Getting to know our client's goals and expectations.

In the initial meeting with the client, the ­financial advisor will identify the client’s objectives, needs and priorities in order to provide them with a suitable recommendation that suits the client’s current and future personal and financial circumstances.

3.Analyse and evaluate the corporate data.

Your financial advisor will then analyse your information as provided and perform an analysis between your current financial position and the financial goals and objectives discussed.

4. Develop and present the financial planning report

Your financial advisor will then recommend a financial plan that is suitable to your needs and objectives. This recommendation will be presented to you in a next steps report for consideration and acceptance.

5. Implementation of the financial planning recommendation

If you accept the recommendation contained in the next steps report, we can then proceed to place your plan in line with the accepted recommendation.

6. Ongoing review of the financial plan and the financial planning relationship

A client’s needs will change over time and financial advice is an ongoing process which is concerned with identifying and satisfying both current and future client needs. The success of advisor/client relationships is largely determined by the extent to which those needs are met and regular reviews will be central to achieving this and are included in most of our fee agreements.

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