Financial Planning

Our solutions are tailored to suit your goals and aspirations. Everything we do is geared around your need for future financial security.

How Can Financial Planning Help You?

Our team will turn your financial goals into a solid plan with clear deadlines. Our trusted advisers, backed by a team of specialists, will help you achieve more financial certainty through a structured financial plan that is tailored to meet your current and future needs.

Using state-of-the-art cash flow modelling, we are able to forecast your financial position year by year. By running multiple scenarios using different inputs such as expenses, inflation, growth rates and tax rates, we can model worst, best and most likely outcomes. Cash flow modelling is key in the financial planning process and helps visualise your future financial needs.

Building A Long Term Relationship

1. Honesty & Full Transparency

Any future relationship must be based on honesty, integrity and reputation. We will explain how we work with you, our past performance, how we offer something different from other firms and the adviser will of course introduce themselves. Then, if you wish, you can share details about your current financial situation and what you want it to be in the future. The adviser will make notes and ask lots of questions so they fully understand your circumstances including your attitude to risk.

2. Where are you on the risk taking spectrum?

It is crucial that any investment recommendations or financial choices we present are entirely suitable for you as a person and your temperament as well as your overall financial circumstances. Therefore we will use proven techniques to find out if you are a very cautious investor who doesnt like fluctuating returns or an extremely aggressive investor who is comfortable taking larger capital risks.

3. Exploring your financial planning and investment options

Having listened to your objectives, needs and priorities as well as understanding your risk profile, the adviser will create an action plan with recommendations to make your goals a reality.

4. Presenting and explaining your unique financial planning report

The same financial adviser will then present and explain your financial plan. They will make recommendations which you can challenge and question until you are fully satisfied that you understand what they are proposing. If you agree, then the next steps for implementing the plan can be taken. 

5. Implementing the agreed financial plan

It is likely that the plan will include multiple financial products and changes to the way your assets are currently allocated. The adviser will walk you through every step of the way from contacting providers, making applications and eventually creating a balanced portfolio that is fully aligned with your wishes and attitude to risk.

6. Mutual review of the plan

Your needs will change with life and career events and the plan will change with you. We will schedule regular reviews and will have more recommendations to reflect your situation, the markets and economic factors. It is vital that you understand why we are proposing changes and that they are suitable for you. Do not wait for a scheduled review meeting but pick up the phone and call if your circumstances change or you have any questions.

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