Can we help you find your lost or forgotten pensions?

We all lead busy lives and sometimes it’s hard to keep track of everything, especially if it’s not something we deal with on a day-to-day basis. Pensions are just too important to forget about.

If you think you may have ‘forgotten’ pensions from previous employers…or want help and advice tracking these down for possible transfer into your main pot – read below!

  • There are three billion pounds sitting around in unclaimed pensions in more than a million accounts. Don’t let your hard earned money be part of it.
  • With each of us now working an average of 11 jobs a lifetime it’s more likely than ever we will build up a number of different pension funds.

Two recent "lost" successes:

First case:
When a 63-year-old client mentioned at their review meeting they had worked as a secretary from 18 -23 she thought she may have paid a small monthly amount into a company pension fund.

Result: Because she had married and moved a few times the pension company had lost contact with her. We did track down the pension scheme and she was entitled to £135 per month back to her 60th birthday.

Second case:
Another client, again after a review meeting, dug out some old paperwork which looked like he had paid into a pension when working for a company 30 years ago. He tried three times himself to get questions answered…every time they inferred that there was no money due. So he passed this over to our AWM Team.

Result: We pursued this and have recovered a £130,000 pension pot.


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