Another winner at Ascot?

We are delighted to announce that AWM is in the running for the prestigious Retirement Planner Awards 2019 in the Best Individual Pensions Advice Firm of the Year*, Best Pension Freedom Service categories and our own Catriona McCarron is shortlisted as a candidate for Young Retirement Planner of the Year in the UK** award.

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Caught in the tax trap?

It may be possible to avoid the tax trap after all because any contributions you make into your pension are deducted from your salary before you are taxed.

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If you lived to be 90, will your pension be sufficient?

According to the Office for National Statistics the average life expectancy at birth for a UK male is 79.2 and 82.9 for their female counterparts. However, in 2017 alone there were 579 776 people aged 90 which begs the question, will your pension be enough if you lived to be 90?

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And the winners are…

We are delighted announce that, after being shortlisted in the Professional Adviser Firm of the Year, AWM have been chosen as the (South East) 2019, winner! It was announced on Thursday night at an awards ceremony in London.

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What to do with a sudden windfall

When you receive a sudden windfall of money from inheritance, a gift, or for some lucky individuals out there, winning, the extra cash creates an opportunity for you to improve your financial situation. There are several steps you can take to preserve your new found wealth  and potentially set yourself up for life goals or early retirement.

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