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AWM launched its own Discretionary Fund Management

“If you have been following our journey these past few months, you would know that 2019 has been a big year for AWM. Not only were we nominated for numerous awards but we launched the Ascot Wealth Platform last week – a significant milestone for AWM! 

It is with great pride that we can now announce the official launch of Cape Berkshire Asset Management (CBAM), a discretionary fund management service giving us more efficient and cost-effective solutions.  We have had the permissions for this since March ’19 but wanted to launch it in conjunction with our platform.” – Mark Insley, Founder and Managing Director

Our Background

AWM has been growing at a steady pace for the past 8 years and in this time we have developed a tried and tested method of investing. Our portfolios continue to provide strong returns and with the increase in the number of clients that we decided to implement a dedicated discretionary fund management service. We want to continue delivering the quality of service we are so proud of and therefore feel that this is the right time and decision for AWM as this will increase the operational effort in running the portfolios for 750+ clients with close to £150mm under management.

Cape Berkshire Asset Management was formed in late 2018 and is something we have been building behind the scenes. We now feel that we are ready to advise clients on whether it is the best option for them.

Benefits of using the discretionary service include:

  • A lower expense ratio to the current AWM Advisory expense ratio. 
  • The ability to use exchange-traded funds. 
  • Cost-efficient, sector-specific exposure. 
  • The ability to use investment trusts. 
  • Improved efficiency for portfolio transactions.
  • Removed administration for clients.
  • The introduction of a portfolio management team as well as an Investment Committee.

What does this mean for you, our client?

It doesn’t have to mean anything if you don’t want it to. Rest assured, the advisory service will remain but will just be run in a more systematic manner to reflect Cape Berkshire decisions at the end of the quarter. However, for clients that want us to be able to act quickly and take advantage of market opportunities as and when they arise at our discretion, Cape Berkshire could be a good option.

To fully understand how this can benefit you please contact your adviser who will be best placed to help you with your decision to add Cape Berkshire DFM to your AWM serving.

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