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In 2014 the Estate Planning part of the business became so busy it warranted the creation of a new business of its own, and Ascot Estate Planning was born.

Estate Planning is ultimately the preparation of documents and mechanisms through which estates will be protected after death. The mechanisms to do this are numerous and extend to both Bloodline Planning, which is protecting the estate after death and Lifetime Planning which is protecting the estate during life in preparation for death.

On the Bloodline Planning side, we often deal with Will and Trusts, Deeds of Severance or Conveyance of properties or after death, we can assist with Probate and Deeds of Variations.

Looking at Lifetime Planning, there are a number of areas with can assist with. Inheritance Tax mitigation makes up a lot of what we do day to day, as well as setting up Care Home Planning techniques. Lasting Powers of Attorney are also a significant part of Lifetime Planning and a large percentage of our Estate Planning clients have created these – not only the older clients.

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Writing a will is not always easy, but the problems and inconvenience caused by intestacy are far worse. Let us help you plan ahead to avoid unnecessary complications for your family later on and to ensure that your loved ones receive what you intended.

Included within your will:

  • A named guardian for your minor children
  • Who will sort out the estate and carry out the wishes set out in the will (Executors)
  • Your funeral wishes
  • Your wishes around medical donation
  • Any specific/monetary legacies for your chosen beneficiaries

Trusts play an integral part in protecting your wealth, comparable to a “safe box” giving greater confidence in how assets will be used in the future. Trusts are a very useful and flexible device employed for a variety of purposes.

Death Planning:

  • The use of trusts is effective for preserving your wealth for future generations ensuring that assets are not frittered unnecessarily, avoiding generational IHT and the common (MAD – Marriage After Divorce) issues.
  • A letter of wishes sets out your instructions to your trustees as to how the trust is administered, allowing you to maintain control even on your death.
  • Bloodline planning can be put in place ensuring unborn grandchildren are accounted for in your wishes.

Lifetime Planning:

  • When placing your assets in a trust and surviving 7 years, this may mean it will not form part of the estate, guarded from future divorce, bankruptcy and inheritance tax.
  • This can be done in a variety of ways all designed to protect your assets.

The costs of care are constantly rising and the years that someone requires care is also on the rise. So it is natural that you will have concerns about how you are going to manage to meet your potential care home fees. We can help you prepare yourself financially to make sure that your entire savings don’t get consumed by care home fees.

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