10th – 12th October 2016 : Inheritance Tax Seminar



This year the government announced a 10 year record high in annual Inheritance Tax receipts. This is heavily linked to the increase in house prices and up until now, the nil rate band staying the same.

We felt it was important that we worked to further knowledge about the rules surrounding Inheritance Tax and how the newly introduced residence nil-rate band will affect your estate.

We ran three Inheritance Tax seminars in Sunningdale and London. We joined up with Ascot Estate Planning to offer an informative evening with the opportunity to have an Inheritance Tax calculator produced, so that attendees can go away knowing what their Inheritance Tax liability is. 


Sunningdale - 10th and 12th               London - 11th October                                
Ascot Wealth Management,                    True Potential Offices,
Scotch Corner, London Road,                 44, Grosvenor Gardens,
Sunningdale, SL5 0ER                             London, SW1W 0EB

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