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AYE Information

To find out more information about this entrepreneurship project please click on the link.

AYE Portal

All of the participants of the AYE project will have access to the AYE Portal. In the portal, we shall provide detailed training resources to make sure they are getting the most out of the training session and can access the resources from home and during the trading period. This will also be where we shall post announcements and any event information.

Apply Now

Please click to enter the application page. In order to participate in the AYE project we ask that everyone completes all of the application form and submit it to us.

Sponsors and Mentors

Every team in the AYE project will be mentored by one of the AWM staff members. Their mentors will guide them through the process with the aim to help them to develop their business idea as well as each team members skills. Each team will also be sponsored by a company who will be able to work closely with the team, giving them tips to be successful. With all of these individuals combined, each team will have access to a wealth of knowledge and experience to help them succeed.

Do you have any questions for the AYE team?

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